Medicines and Immunizations


Before leaving for Cuba it is recommend to stock up on essential medicines and first aid. Against disease transmitted by mosquito bite, such as dengue, some preventive measures are suggested:

  • prefer light-colored clothes which cover most of the body, instead of those of dark colors that attract insects, as well as perfumes, of which an overuse is not recommended; 
  • on exposed skin, apply insect repellents bayrepel or icaridine based, especially at dawn and dusk (The DEET, or N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide is the most effective repellent and with the widest range of action (mosquitoes, ticks, flies) and it is available commercially  in varying concentrations between 7 and 20%: the first most suitable for children, the second indicated for adults; effective as DEET is the Bayrepel or Icaridina that, unlike DEET, do not cause any damage to plastic and synthetic materials. Marketed by the same DEET manufacturer with the same name (DEET), the Bayrepel or Icaridine maintains the same activity against the main insects). The pyrethroid-based repellents can also be sprayed on clothes; 
  • prefer rooms equipped with air conditioning or screens on the windows; 
  • spray insecticides with pyrethrum or permethrin  in rooms where you are staying or use insecticidal loudspeakers via electric current;
  • in case of fever, consult a doctor before taking aspirin or derivatives, because contraindicated in cases of dengue fever.


It is not required any kind of vaccination.

For further information please consult the government websites of your country.