Travel documents for Cuba

Passport to Cuba

In order to travel to Cuba it is require a valid Passport. At the moment of the entry to Cuba the passport expiration date must be of at least six months beyond the return date. Travelers possessing Italian and Cuban citizenship must travel also with an Italian passport. Otherwise the Cuban authorities do not allow them to exit from the country.


Before leaving for Cuba, it is necessary to obtain a Visa at the Cuban Consulate, which in Italy is located in Rome and Milan, or by a specialized agency. Usually the visa issued is tourist-type and has a maximum validity of 30 days. However, if necessary before the deadline you can ask for renewal up to a total of 90 whole days, at local offices of the immigration authorities in Cuba upon payment of a State tax.  Non-renewal on time, can cause serious problems with the Cuban authorities. 

Insurance Policy

All travelers, foreign and Cubans residents abroad, at the entry to Cuba, are obliged to be in possession of an insurance policy that also covers any eventual medical expenses to be sustained. If the insurance policy is not included in in the airfare purchased, it is mandatory to take out a policy with an insurance recognized in Cuba (you can refer to the list on the site This insurance policy can also be purchased at the border, by Cuban insurance companies.