Upon arrival at the airport: immigration controls and baggage claim

Once out of the airplane, stay in a group with other passengers until you reach a large room where you put in line to control documents. Come your turn, head to the box where there is' the immigration officer, to which you must bring your passport (with at least six months validity), airplane ticket, visa, medical insurance (mandatory) and if requested the address of your accommodation.

The officer will welcome, and after checking the documents will make the photos. Behind he has cameras. Do not be nervous is the practice. Then he will give you back your documents, and wishing you a good holiday in Cuba will open the door that leads to the baggage hall. Check that you have taken all your documents, then greet and open the door.

In this room you'll have to do a second line for security checks, hand luggage through the scanner and you through the metal detector, then you can head to the tapes to pick up your luggage, if many take a cart, are sometimes free, sometimes they ask for a euro.

In this room there is' a lot of people and a lot of confusion, there are two tapes and your luggage can come out of both. Be careful because sometimes it can happen that your luggage has been taken down from the tape and then left them, so check the luggage that are on the ground. Take your bags and go to the exit. In this room some workers may ask you if you need something, the taxi of accommodation, in order to earn a commission. Be polite but firm and head to the door uscita.Prima there are other officers who may ask you to weigh your suitcase and pay 10 cuc per kg overweight over 30 granted.

Welcome to Cuba