ETECSA installed five new points WiFi in the city of Havana

The Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) installed five new points for the Wi-Fi connection in Havana, all of them located in the central Plaza de la Revolución, especially on the Malecón habanero.  As reported by the Information System of Cuban Television, the places where Internet users can connect to the Internet are La Piragua, Hola Ola, El Castillito, at the corner of 12 and Calzada, at the junction of the third and B streets and in the Fuente de la Juventud, located between the Hotel Cohiba and the Galerías Paseo market. Javier Ferreira, commercial head of the North Territorial Division of ETECSA, explained to Noticiero del Mediodía: "We have always located the telecommunications agents near the Wi-Fi area and to the extent that we are allowed, we put a point of ETECSA as well" Ferreira explained That the objective is to make the users can acquire the cards to connect and the other services, near all the wifi zones.