How to get around

From the airport to the accommodation and into the cities

At the time of booking of the Casa Particular, it is suggested to book also a taxi that will take you directly from the airport to the accommodation booked. Otherwise you can contact directly to the company CUBATAXI at the airport. For travel into the city you can use either official taxis of CUBATAXI company that you can find nearest any major hotels, or alternatively there are the famous Taxi brightly colored whose drivers are also good guides to visit Cuba. For short trips, in cities have become very popular Cocotaxi, characteristic of transport, which can accommodate up to 3 people.  


To move through Cuba

In Cuba you travel in enough safety, so you can move using the Viazul (pullman) booking the route of interest directly on the spot. It is suggested to go to the bus station at least three-quarters of an hour/hour before the departure time. In the Viazul the air-conditioning is very strong, so it is advisable to wear a pullover/giubottino and long trousers. It is also possible to check routes, timetables and fares on the website of Viazul (