Where to stay

The Case Particular

The accommodation peculiarities of Cuba is represented by the Case Particular The  law authorizes the accommodation at private homes empowered, with the obligation by the lessor to register the lessee at the offices of the local police.  In Cuba take advantage of the Case Particular, as well as being economically advantageous it means to have the opportunity to more closely know Cuban customs and traditions.   Often stay in large hotels all-inclusive you do not even know if you are in Cuba or in any other place. Staying in a Casa Particular in Cuba it also means to enjoy an excellent Cuban cuisine, made of simple dishes made from local products, where the fish cooked in all ways (lobster, shrimp, snappers etc.etc.) is of rigor. You can also eat a great fillet of chicken or pork, or a good soup, served with white rice or with beans and of course fried bananas, vegetables and fruit. It is always recommended to ask the price before.

To stay in the home of friends

For tourists normally it is prohibited to stay in the home of friends,  penalty a hefty fine for them (which sometimes are not even aware of this rule) and/or for tourists themselves.  You can, however, try to apply for a permit at the immigration office, where you must go toghether with the home owner, who must show proof of ownership and explain the degree of friendship. The authorization is granted only if it is demonstrated that really there is a friendship or a betrothal bond (novio/novia) and that the friend's home meets the conditions laid down. At this point you must  change the visa from tourist visa to family visa and pay the related fee.